2 June – Helsingborg International Connections – Meet Your Match @ StartupVillage

Once again HIC are up to something very interesting! The entire event description does not fit on this page, but for a quick overview please read the short text below. If that sounds interesting you can find more information about the event and how to register on Helsingborg International Connections’ website.

Event text:

”As part of Skåne Innovation Week, we would like to invite you to a full-day crammed with amazing activities focusing on storytelling, entrepreneurship and networking! HIC is proud to be a co-host of this free event, along with THINK Accelerate, Helsingborgs Stad, Mindpark, SoPact, Lund University, Venture Lab, Medvetna Val, Innovation Skåne, THINK Open Space and XamaycaTreatz.”

2 June
Time varies, plese check the website

Bredgata 11
252 25 Helsingborg

5 December, 2016 – Helsingborg Business Community / Networking: Meet IKEA IT

We would like to share an event with you, held in Helsingborg! 

Networking: Meet IKEA IT

Meet IKEA IT, one of the reasons Sweden is famous. Helsingborg is home to IKEA’s IT office. Come listen to a presentation by them where they will talk about what it is like to work at IKEA IT and how to apply for their open positions. You will later get a chance to ask questions and mingle with representatives from IKEA IT.

As we will be at IKEA IT’s office there will be a limited amount of space. Therefore only the people who register thourgh our website (in the form below) will be the ones who can attend the event. If you are an international student at Campus Helsingborg, IKEA IT will be more than happy to talk to you, but due to the lack of space they request that you wait until the student designated job fairs later on in spring term (MässING and Agoradagen).

December 5, 17:00 – 18:00
Place: IKEA IT Office, Sjögatan 1, Helsingborg


29 November, 2016 – Helsingborg Business Community / Meet Lund International Citizen Hub and Yrkeshögskolan!

International Citizen Hub Lund on tour! We wil visit Helsingborg Business Community to present the work we do for the international community. Join us at Minpark in Helsingborg!

Yrkeshögskolan offers a unique opportunity for people who recently moved to Sweden to enroll in their education programs. Almost all Swedish higher education systems require high school knowledge of Swedish, English and mathematics, and so does Yrkeshögskolan too, BUT they also accept people who do not fill this criteria completely! If you still do not have a passing grade in, for example ”SAS gymnasie nivå”, you can therefore still apply for their education programs! Come listen to what it is like to study at Yrkeshögskolan, what type of programs get started this spring, and how to apply for the programs! The education is free of charge and you hare able to apply for a loan from CSN to cover your living costs while you study. This is something you simply do not want to miss out on! We have had a similar event with Yrkeshögskolan before this autumn term and that resulted in that 30% of the people who attended our event later enrolled in Yrkeshögskolan’s education program!

We will also be joined by LICH – Lund International Citizen Hub – who are, similarly to us at Helsingborg Business Community, working at integrating new citizens with international backgrounds into the Swedish society. They are based in Lund but are working across all of Skåne. You will be seeing more of them in Helsingborg in the future, so why not get to know them now?

29 November, 16.30 – 17.30
Place: THINK Open Space (Mindpark), Bredgatan 11


15 November, 2016 – Helsingborg Business Community / Seminar: Networking

We would like to share an event with you, held in Helsingborg near the train station! 


Almost 80% of all newly employed people in Sweden admit they got their job through their network. Knowing the right people is therefore a more bulletproof way to get a job in this country than having an impressive cv, long working experience or a good education. But who are these ”right people” and how do you find out just how helpful the people in your network actually are? And if your own network of friends, collegues and family members cannot help you, how do you build up a new network?

These questions and many more will be discussed in our seminar!

November 15, 16.30 – 17.30
Place: THINK Open Space (Mindpark), Bredgatan 11, Helsingborg


12 October, 2016 – English theatre in Malmö: ”Sex and Betrayal: Between the Sheets”

International cross-cultural Danish/German collaboration creates in English a sexy, musical cabaret about love in the 21st century.

Copenhagen’s newest English+ theatre company and Hamburg-based ManusArts have collaborated to bring an exciting blend of German and Scandinavian theatre –  stories and songs about sex, love, and cheating in the 21st century. “Sex and Betrayal” will perform in 12 October in Malmö at 19:00 hrs.

Sex has always been part of collective cultural conscience, with numerous stories and songs written on the subject, from self-help books to “how to get a man/woman” quizzes in the pages of magazines. But what happens when you add betrayal to the mix, and just what does “Women’s Own” have to say about that? We’ll explore the start of love to/and through the start of an affair to find out what happens when you are at the right place at the wrong time. Is it all fun and games until someone gets kicked out of the house for a lip-stick stain on the shirt collar or are a lot of us secretly interested in a little adventure from time to time? Join us, as we examine the ins and outs of intimacy, the plurality of monogamy, and what it really means to let the heart decide.

The play stars Jana Pulkrabek, ManusArts artistic director and actor, as well as the German musical performer Sigmar Tonk. They will be joined on stage by the Danish actor and musician Jens Blegaa, who was also a founding member of DTRH. The play is directed by Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen, DTRH’s artistic director who was also named #1 Trailblazer in English Theatre 2015.

Location and date: MAF, Torpg. 21 in Malmö, Wednesday 12 October, 19:00-21:00.

Price: 150 SEK
MAF member: 120 SEK
Students under 25: 80 SEK

Book by phone: 0706101564
or email: info@coreactingacademy.se
or pay at the door.

Minimum age is 18.

31 August – Do’s and don’ts in Swedish and Danish everyday life

Get to know the Danes and the Swedes! Workshop 31 August, 17:00-18:30 at Copenhagen City Hall!

Every country has their unwritten social rules, and getting to know the rules are often challenging when you come to live and work in a new culture. This workshop gives you a crash introduction to the cultures of Denmark and Sweden, focusing on do’s and don’ts in social life by two dynamic presenters who are skilled in both Swedish and Danish cultures as well as experts in intercultural communication.

Before the workshop and the networking start you are invited to this year’s Welcome Reception which is also held at the Copenhagen City Hall at 15:30. Here you can meet representatives from a variety of sports associations, libraries, museums and culture houses in the region of Copenhagen and Southern Sweden.

We look forward to meeting you, whether you live in Denmark or Sweden!

Free of charge. Please sign up at: http://ihcph.kk.dk/event/dos-and-donts-swedish-and-danish-everyday-life

31 August – Welcome Reception in Copenhagen

Welcome 31 August, 15:30-18:00 at Copenhagen City Hall!

Welcome speech by Mayor Carl Christian Ebbesen, Culture & Leisure Administration, at 16.30.

The region of Copenhagen and southern Sweden is a vibrant area, and at this event you will be introduced
to some of the numerous cultural and leisure life activities within sports, music, voluntary work and much more.

While you taste our delicious City Hall pancakes and experience surprise performances,
you can meet representatives from a variety of sports associations, libraries, museums and culture houses.

We hope to see you at the Welcome Reception!

Free of charge.
Please sign up at:http://ihcph.kk.dk/event/welcome-reception-0

Tuesday 10 May 17.30 Lifestyle, Health and Entrepreneurship in Helsingborg at HIC

Join us for a knowledge-sharing, entrepreneurial networking event with a health theme in the main office of Forza of Sweden!

This is an event for anyone wishing to discover ways to make the most out of their time in Sweden – whether as an entrepreneur or as someone searching for opportunities for personal growth and a healthy lifestyle. Members of the Forza network will share their entrepreneurial journeys in Sweden and welcome the audience to ask questions after the presentations.

We will hear how health, fitness or lifestyle entrepreneurs and practitioners have re-invented their careers, and discuss what lessons we can learn from them and apply to our own work situations. They will talk to us about which treatments, therapies and products can help boost the entrepreneur’s overall health, well-being and productivity.

HIC creates a softer landing for internationals in our region; our on- & offline English-speaking platform provides the tools needed to embrace your life and career in Sweden. We warmly welcome anyone with an interest in networking and knowledge-sharing to our community.

We look forward to matching the skills and expertise available between the HIC and Forza networks, and to create an excellent platform for any budding or existing entrepreneur in the Helsingborg area!

Our Guest Speakers

Martine Kvilhaug – Martine has a background in IT & marketing and for the last six months has been working as a bereavement counsellor. Martine will tell us all about her brand new business idea that will benefit all citizens in Helsingborg!

Contact Martine: kvilhaug.martine@gmail.com
Go to http://www.hiconnections.eu/wordpress/?p=2544 to register for this event.

21-24 April -Theatre in English – Malmö

Core Productions presents a showcase stage performance

based on Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads:

A Chip in the Sugarbowl

Directed by Madelina Barve

Three seasoned Malmö-based British actors have put their heads together to tackle one of the BBC’s most iconic and hilarious cult classics in a new version adapted for the stage. Poignant, side-splitting, these witty confessions of oh-so-human wannabes and yearning will have you laughing out loud as you wipe a tear away.

Cast: Kevin Benn, Robin Gott, Vanessa Poole

Directed by: Madelina Barve

Dates and Times:

Thursday 21 April 19:00, Friday 22 April 19:00, Saturday 23 April 15:00 & 19:00, Sunday 24 April 18:00


Norraskolgatan 12, Malmö

To book tickets:

Either email to

info@coreactingacademy.se or text message 0706-101564 Venue MAF, Scen 2