18 October – Banking and Real-Estate

Are you looking at buying a house or an apartment in Sweden? Or maybe you are just tired of renting from private landlords and want to see what other options are available.

We have invited a real-estate agent from Bjurfors Real-Estate Agency, who will guide you through the legal differences and cultural clashes when it comes to buying real estate in Sweden. He has plenty of experience in selling property and has recognized that there exists much confusion when buying property in Sweden as the processes may differ from what an expat is used to from his/her home country.

Before buying a property, we highly recommend that you attend this event in order to avoid as many cultural and legal surprises as possible.

We have also invited representatives from the SEB bank, who will run you through the basics of housing loans. They will also go through numerous other services that SEB offers to give you an overview of how the banking system works in Sweden.

Thursday 18 October

Ekska Huset
Sankt Petri Kyrkogata 4, Lund

Event in English
Event free of charge – but please unregister if you are not able to attend. Thanks for your understanding!

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