11 April – Declaring income tax in Sweden

It’s that time of the year – declaring income tax in Sweden!
Don’t panic we’re here to help!

The tax agency (Skatteverket) has sent three representatives to inform you How, Why and When to declare income tax in Sweden. Take the opportunity to bring your income tax return with you, which can make it easy to follow the presentation. And of course you will be able to ask questions but keep in mind that these representatives may not be able to get into details.

We have the luxury to offer more places this year as we will be at Edens Hörsal (in a yellow brick building, bottom floor). Thanks to the generosity of Lund University.

Places are limited to 140 persons. Due to a larger group for this event, beverages will not be served.

Wednesday 11 April
Time: 13:00-16:00 please be on time as there might be a risk not to get in.

Please register by midnight 9 April – register here