13 September – The Benefits of Yrkes SFI

Occupational SFI is Swedish education with focus on professional language. Occupational SFI can be combined with secondary vocational or employment training, but also professional higher education (YH) and higher education (University). Occupational SFI also provides an opportunity to learn how the labor market and certain professions operate in Sweden. The aim is not only to shorten the time to employment or entrepreneurship, but also give you an opportunity to complement your education whether it is at college or high school level. The courses start at different levels in Swedish. Both SFI (Swedish for immigrants) and Swedish as a second language (primary and secondary school Swedish) can be included in the courses.

Mirlinda Iberdemaj will inform us how to apply, what courses are available and can answer your questions concerning compensation and financial support. Cynthia Sradaputta will also give her input as a student who has gone through both normal SFI classes and now Yrkes SFI too.

Wednesday, September 13
Sankt Petri Kyrkogata 4, Lund

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