8 September – Develop an EPIC Mindset while Living Abroad

Traveling and living abroad creates opportunity for self-empowerment, building strong relationships and connection to the world around you. It can be helpful to know how to manage emotion highs and lows, turning challenging situations into opportunities and most importantly enjoying your stay in a new country.

Nanna Spetz has over 15 years of experience in therapy and coaching in over 4 continents worldwide. She earned her Psychology degree living in Peru and now living in Sweden she has obtained a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology from Lund University. Her passion for positive psychology relies on helping others boost their potential while creating self-awareness, confidence and positive lifestyle changes.

We will also be joined by Christoffer from Eos Cares who will present their International Open Day Care program. This is a place for families with small children to meet other families in similar situations and give them a chance to connect and build a new network.

Come listen to Nanna and Kristoffer who may be able to give you the tools to make your time in Sweden a positive and enriching experience.

Friday 8 September

Ekska Huset
Sankt Petri Kyrkogata 4, Lund
Event in English

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