17 May – Driving in Sweden

Regardless if you live in Lund or Malmö you may have noticed that neither of these cities are made for cars. The streets are narrow and more and more space is given to public transportation, bikers and pedestrians. On top of that there are lots of strict laws and regulations that are important to know for anyone wanting to drive their own car in Sweden. But a car is still an essential part of life for many families, so how do you buy a car in Sweden, and what rules should you know about before buying a new car? Also, how long is it legal to drive in Sweden with an international driver’s license? And if you are staying in Sweden for a longer period of time, when is it time to renew your license, and in what country?

We have invited representatives from Tuna Trafikskola – the only driving school in Lund that offers lessons in English – to guide you through the basic knowledge needed for anyone interested in driving in Sweden. We have also invited a representative from Förenade Bil who will talk about a few things to think about when buying a car.

Wednesday 17 May

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Ekska Huset
Sankt Petri Kyrkogata 4, Lund
Event in English