5 December, 2016 – Helsingborg Business Community / Networking: Meet IKEA IT

We would like to share an event with you, held in Helsingborg! 

Networking: Meet IKEA IT

Meet IKEA IT, one of the reasons Sweden is famous. Helsingborg is home to IKEA’s IT office. Come listen to a presentation by them where they will talk about what it is like to work at IKEA IT and how to apply for their open positions. You will later get a chance to ask questions and mingle with representatives from IKEA IT.

As we will be at IKEA IT’s office there will be a limited amount of space. Therefore only the people who register thourgh our website (in the form below) will be the ones who can attend the event. If you are an international student at Campus Helsingborg, IKEA IT will be more than happy to talk to you, but due to the lack of space they request that you wait until the student designated job fairs later on in spring term (MässING and Agoradagen).

December 5, 17:00 – 18:00
Place: IKEA IT Office, Sjögatan 1, Helsingborg