29 November, 2016 – Helsingborg Business Community / Meet Lund International Citizen Hub and Yrkeshögskolan!

International Citizen Hub Lund on tour! We wil visit Helsingborg Business Community to present the work we do for the international community. Join us at Minpark in Helsingborg!

Yrkeshögskolan offers a unique opportunity for people who recently moved to Sweden to enroll in their education programs. Almost all Swedish higher education systems require high school knowledge of Swedish, English and mathematics, and so does Yrkeshögskolan too, BUT they also accept people who do not fill this criteria completely! If you still do not have a passing grade in, for example ”SAS gymnasie nivå”, you can therefore still apply for their education programs! Come listen to what it is like to study at Yrkeshögskolan, what type of programs get started this spring, and how to apply for the programs! The education is free of charge and you hare able to apply for a loan from CSN to cover your living costs while you study. This is something you simply do not want to miss out on! We have had a similar event with Yrkeshögskolan before this autumn term and that resulted in that 30% of the people who attended our event later enrolled in Yrkeshögskolan’s education program!

We will also be joined by LICH – Lund International Citizen Hub – who are, similarly to us at Helsingborg Business Community, working at integrating new citizens with international backgrounds into the Swedish society. They are based in Lund but are working across all of Skåne. You will be seeing more of them in Helsingborg in the future, so why not get to know them now?

29 November, 16.30 – 17.30
Place: THINK Open Space (Mindpark), Bredgatan 11