31 August – Do’s and don’ts in Swedish and Danish everyday life

Get to know the Danes and the Swedes! Workshop 31 August, 17:00-18:30 at Copenhagen City Hall!

Every country has their unwritten social rules, and getting to know the rules are often challenging when you come to live and work in a new culture. This workshop gives you a crash introduction to the cultures of Denmark and Sweden, focusing on do’s and don’ts in social life by two dynamic presenters who are skilled in both Swedish and Danish cultures as well as experts in intercultural communication.

Before the workshop and the networking start you are invited to this year’s Welcome Reception which is also held at the Copenhagen City Hall at 15:30. Here you can meet representatives from a variety of sports associations, libraries, museums and culture houses in the region of Copenhagen and Southern Sweden.

We look forward to meeting you, whether you live in Denmark or Sweden!

Free of charge. Please sign up at: http://ihcph.kk.dk/event/dos-and-donts-swedish-and-danish-everyday-life