GUEST BLOG: Marta Rodriguez from Spain

”I have been told many times from different people here in Sweden that networking is the most important thing for getting a job. I was recommended to register to a few networking webpages because it is said that you never know who you may get to know there and who he/she can lead you to.
I knew about Lund International Citizen Hub and decided to attend some of the events which are very useful for people coming from abroad. I asked Lisa directly if she could give me the contact of a designer to speak with, in order to see how my profession works in Sweden. I must say, I was quite lost. Fortunately, she knew somebody in my field so, thanks to this contact, I am working today.
What I want to say with this is: Do not be shy to mingle with people. Attend the events at Lund International Citizen Hub and other networking events. It works!!!
I am thankful for the existence of this hub and the fact of staying open to us, giving good advice, your kindness and always doing your best!”
Marta Rodriguez

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