25 May, 2016 – The Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Do you know how the Social Insurance in Sweden Works?
If not, then come to Lund International Citizen Hub.

Do I need to register at Försäkringskassan?
What happens if I’m sick and can’t work for a couple of weeks?
What happens when my child is ill and can’t attend daycare?
These are only a few of the questions that are frequently asked and need further explanation.

We now have the pleasure of introducing Lina Fog from Försäkringskassan at Øresunddirekt in Malmö. She has worked at the Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) for nearly four years, mainly with European cases. Lina will take us through the social system targeting family benefits and give you a better understanding of the system.

Lina has a Colombian-Danish background, moved to Sweden 13 years ago and has encountered the same obstacles many of you have faced. What better person to understand your needs.

Wednesday 25 May 9:30-10:30
We look forward to receiving your registration no later than 24 May kl. 12.00

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Ekska Huset
Sankt Petri Kyrkogata 4, Lund

Event in English
Free of charge

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