Tuesday 10 May 17.30 Lifestyle, Health and Entrepreneurship in Helsingborg at HIC

Join us for a knowledge-sharing, entrepreneurial networking event with a health theme in the main office of Forza of Sweden!

This is an event for anyone wishing to discover ways to make the most out of their time in Sweden – whether as an entrepreneur or as someone searching for opportunities for personal growth and a healthy lifestyle. Members of the Forza network will share their entrepreneurial journeys in Sweden and welcome the audience to ask questions after the presentations.

We will hear how health, fitness or lifestyle entrepreneurs and practitioners have re-invented their careers, and discuss what lessons we can learn from them and apply to our own work situations. They will talk to us about which treatments, therapies and products can help boost the entrepreneur’s overall health, well-being and productivity.

HIC creates a softer landing for internationals in our region; our on- & offline English-speaking platform provides the tools needed to embrace your life and career in Sweden. We warmly welcome anyone with an interest in networking and knowledge-sharing to our community.

We look forward to matching the skills and expertise available between the HIC and Forza networks, and to create an excellent platform for any budding or existing entrepreneur in the Helsingborg area!

Our Guest Speakers

Martine Kvilhaug – Martine has a background in IT & marketing and for the last six months has been working as a bereavement counsellor. Martine will tell us all about her brand new business idea that will benefit all citizens in Helsingborg!

Contact Martine: kvilhaug.martine@gmail.com
Go to http://www.hiconnections.eu/wordpress/?p=2544 to register for this event.

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