20 April- Swedish Language Café

Want to improve your Swedish?

Then meet us at Eoshallen.

Lund International Citizen Hub in collaboration with Eoshallen invites you to a morning of Swedish conversation. It doesn’t matter whether you are at a beginner or intermediate level, come and practice with us. Learning a language takes practice so why not do it in an informal setting with native to almost native speakers. Here you are able to enjoy talking or listening to the language without the pressure of forming perfect sentences or preparing homework.

This initiative will start Wednesday 20 April  10:00-12:00.

If there is an interest Eoshallen will keep this on-going every Wednesday from 10:00-12:00.

Please send us an e-mail if you plan to attend, latest 19 April by 17.00


Beverages will be served.


Arkivgatan 32, Lund


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